I am Danielle Martin, better known as dAAn.

When I was growing up in Holland, I always loved drawing,  just like my grandpa, a great artist himself, who used to teach and inspire me to draw. And I’ve always loved the natural world, be it a small plant in my parents’ garden or being out in the forest, it inspires me and makes my heart smile.

When I moved to New Zealand, I started a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture, using my drawing skills and creativity to re-design the landscape. During this study I started asking myself lots of questions. Why not use edible plants in a design? Why not work with plants that are native to the area? Why not reduce our ecological footprint by recycling plants and materials instead of buying new ones?

All these questions and ideas, lead me to discover the concept of permaculture. Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature. I took a Permaculture Design Course at the renowned Tui Community in New Zealand and it opened up a whole new world of possibilities and solutions in the realm of ecological design.

THIS is what inspires me , THIS is what I want to focus on in every aspect of my life. I love creating beautiful spaces, mixing plants, edibles and art into a harmonious blend!

That’s me, that’s dAAn.





Step-by-step design
After ‘meeting’ your garden and getting a feel for it, one of the options I give you, is to design the garden in a step-by-step process allowing you to be a real part of the process, gradually seeing your garden transform. This doesn’t necessarily involve a design on paper. Why I think this works well is because it makes the whole process less daunting and it allows for spontaneity, making it a personal experience. A personal experience for people who love their gardens. When you love your garden and your plants are precious, I understand it’s important to be involved.
Design on paper
Another option I offer is a design on paper. We’ll start by looking at your garden, either through photos or in person. After you’ve told me what you have in mind I will make a draft plan, focussing on the spatial lay-out of the garden. Once we’ve discussed this plan and you’re happy with it I will continue further developing it into a final design that will make you smile. The final design can include: a detailed drawing (aerial view), a planting plan, a visual mood board, a perspective, a cross section. I always love to be part of the implementation stage of a garden project. Depending on the size of the project.
Implementation & Maintenance
Whether I have made a design for your garden, someone else has or you have done it yourself, it’s now time to implement the design and make your outside area into a lovely space you can enjoy. It’s great fun making gardens and I love being part of this process. But not just creating new gardens from scratch, you can also approach me for the maintenance of your established garden. I will care for it so it will continue to flourish and tickle your senses.


Hourly rate for garden work: €35*

The price of a design depends on the size of the garden, level of complexity and detail of the design.
This will be discussed on an individual base.

Other costs to keep in mind
Transportation & possible parking costs
For the use of specialized equipment a fee will be charged.
Waste removal fees vary depending on the type of waste and removal.

*GST (=BTW) not included




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